Oh, sod working for a living, let's only work for fame.

What means something to you?

That's a serious question. I want you to think about what you care for, what you cherish, what you love. Have you thought about that in a while, or are you too far into the hurricane of a carousel ride that is modern life?

You're busy, you say. But what are you doing? You're leading a hectic life that isn't accomplishing anything at all. Maybe you have a job, which is a good thing. But do you care about it? Do you give a hoot in hell how your job goes, apart from having a "good day at work" or a "bad day"? Do you strive to improve, or do you while away your hours, willing the clock to tick faster, longing for the weekend because you're bored senseless?

And when work is done, what do you do? You might work on your image. Clothes and make-up and accessories, and training and stuff. And then showing all of this off in caf├ęs and night clubs, trying to show the world that you're rich and successful when you really aren't anything special and don't deserve any extraordinary praise or attention. Your family and relatives are a chore, all you care about is being young and fabulous.

And those who don't have a job, they think they're too good for just any old job. They think they're worth more. This overblown self-worth and self-image is such a paradox. People never think they're good enough, never think they have enough, always want more to try and complete themselves (consumerism), but on the other hand of the scale they think the're so goddamn important and extravagant, and such self-fulfilled individuals that a job at a fast food restaurant is beneath them. You see, they're following their dreeeeeaaaams. And what are these dreams? Oh, fashion designer. Oh, model. Oh, rock star. And they're so spoiled with good life without effort that they have risen above working for a living and will now only "work" for fame.

They won't even look past their own community, find some selflessness, find enough compassion to tread out of their egos and do something other than preen and pout for their surroundings. They won't help others. They won't try to make a difference, they have no immediate drive to do anything other than keep up appearances. They won't look at the world and try to make out what's going on, where we're headed and is that the right way to go. They don't reflect over such things, and it's such a shame.

Why is the grooming and photographing and posing so important to show off? Why are people so stuck in their ways, so deep into the idealising of the perfect looks and the hippest pastime or job? Why can they not stop for a moment, realise that they're not alone on this planet, realise that there are things worth treasuring beyond the instant gratification of clicks on social media forums, beyond dressing fashionably and accessorising meticulously, beyond trying to make a fashion statement? What are you going to accomplish in this world if the lion's share of your time is spent on the shallow activity of emulating celebrity lifestyles?

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