A way to increase self-confidence

Here's a trick - imagine that you are a certain person's fantasy.

Imagine that you're both in the same room, with the tension so taut between you it could go off in a heartbeat. You could be standing with your backs to one another, but a kind of pulsating energy is strung between you, smouldering your insides and making you achingly aware of the animal instincts begging to take over. It's yours for the taking, so submerge yourself into this motion picture and star.

Watch them looking at you with a hot desperation that sets you on fire, lets you take complete control. You know, you sense that this person can't help what's happening to them. Reason has no say in this realm. You can see their body transform, heat up, swell as the craving beast that is desire takes over, clouding their eyes but sharpening their hunger. A heady feeling takes over you, the effect you have on them almost lifts you off the ground.

There's no mistaking this. The space between you now oozes, drips of condensed fever as the person approaches, heart beating like mad in their throat, liquified lust glazing their skin. They come closer, and the need for you emanates from them in heatwaves, consuming you both. It just about devours them from inside as it reverberates between you. They can't hold on much longer, the taut energy between you is one moment, one breath away from snapping. You're staring into the face of madness, of greed, of starvation, intent on you alone. They inadvertedly make a noise with a shallow exhalation. And let loose. The world explodes.

And frankly, you get quite carried away yourself.

Now: encapsulate this feeling, this mood, and carry it with you next time you meet them. You'll find it's empowering.

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