Good friends saying wise things

"if you keep thinking that all your opinions are some kind of female derangement you might as well start looking for the Matrix plug in the back of your head"
"you have to start trusting your senses sometime"

I am so quiet nowadays. I keep on swallowing my instinctive reactions to things and denying my impulses. I've been conditioned to disbelieve all of my own opinions. As soon as I go into a bad thought spiral it's something I've invented. It's something I've conjured up from nothing in my sick, incriminating and twisted imagination.

Yeah, I just make all these bad thoughts up because I'm hormonally imbalanced. As soon as something upsets me, it's hormonal imbalance, fantasies, unreal. It's not really there. I am usually very happy with things. I am not having doubts or bad thoughts. No.

I would be such a good citizen of a totalitarian regime. You're unsatisfied you say? But how can you be unsatisfied, you said you were happy just the other day. You've been thinking doubtful thoughts inside your head? That's impossible. That's something you just made up now because you're a hormonally imbalanced monster. You really are completely mad, you need professional help.

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Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.