I think that guys should be kept away from me.
I don't want to meet them. What happens is that I stick to them and exert myself to make them like me. To get the confirmation, appreciation. And if I do, I'm stuck in a weird situation with what to do with them next. And if I don't, I feel horrible. Get men away from me.

Under The Influence Of Giants - In The Clouds. I don't think this is the music I usually like, but that song got to me.

I've noticed that all the music I have is by men. Around seven of the songs I have are by women, and they're all Paris Hilton-ish except for Lily Allen's "Smile".
Also, my favourite books so far are written by male authors.

This could be just a coincidence because females are "underrepresenterade" in those areas. No, it can't be, because it would be feministic of me to think that way.
So what's it mean? You tell me. (By the way, Coco Chanel was anti-feminist. I like her more by the minute.)

And God, YOU annoy the shit out of me. Your one and only photo-pose gives my eyes blisters. You're so ugly that it's a borderline case between hate and pity. You're full of so much shit that I want to bash your head in just to examine your brain every time you open your mouth. But what would the world be without people like you.


Anonymous said...

Men guuud, jag vet inte hur många gånger du har gått igenom de där mans-teorierna nästan ordagrannt identiskt nu - get over it!!!


sophie said...

Visst gummen...män borde hållas borta ifrån männen kan inte hålla sig borta från dig!

Anonymous said...

anonymous - I've also mentioned that recurring motifs are harrassing me. So deal with it. Mehe.

sophie - ja. Man borde halshugga allihop.

esoterisk said...

Haha, denna posten gjorde min dag. Att man kan vara så korkad. "the one and only photo-pose" klockrent mitt i plytet. Och skulle du lyfta på pannbenet skulle du få se en... nej du skulle nog inte ens se en enda... cell.