I am such a bumbling idiot. Theoretical does not directly get you material. Anything you have in your head is not good enough unless you put it into practice, hence "Иньдюк тоже думал, да в суп попал." (Roughly: "The turkey also thought, but became soup.")

Just like thoughts aren't anything without their communication, knowledge is nothing without its practical usage (this reminds me of how the term "external validity" so niftily applies to everything). And potential/talent isn't worth squat without results.

This is obvious, and right; this is how it should be. And I know this, too well. So why does it have to be difficult to apply it to reality - to use that knowledge - in a way that will actually give practical benefit.

I'm a bumbling turkey.


esoterisk said...

Myslal indyk o niedzieli a w sobote leb ucieli.

Anonymous said...

Polacker är också smarta ><

esoterisk said...

Du förstod?

Anonymous said...

Ja, allt förutom ordet "leb" men jag antar att det är någon slags mat.

esoterisk said...

Översatt: Kalkonen tänkte på söndagen men på lördagen högg de av hans huvud.

Den är lite mer rå :p

Således Leb=Skalle :)