Yesterday's tennis was unbelievable, I haven't trained or played a match like that in ages. Today was a little worse, but I still fought like a maniac and ran around like crazy.

Today: Sophie and I were playing the attacking game, and I made such wonderful shots... Two of which were so fucking insane but still so perfectly controlled that, for the first one, my trainer made *interesting* noises and said "Aah... Linjeorgasm", and for the second one he just made the noises again and drew his eyes up to heaven. That is exactly the reaction I want :P

My body is in pain, but I'm going to handle it. I know it likes to train, so it's going to train :)


sophie said...

linjeorgasm! :D såååå jekla klockrent sagt :D hahaha

Anonymous said...

Jag vet, Hammar är förjävla skön alltså. Jag skulle kunna ha alla träningar med honom ... :D