Subject: TOK Presentation

Ulf, our teacher is talking to Anna and me about our TOK Presentation, to be done 15/01 -

Ulf: So what are you doing it on now again?
Marina: Euthanasia.
Ulf: Hm, euthanasia? Why not youth in Europe?

I tell you, he has sunk too low.


Flaky said...

hahahahaha took a while for it to sink in!

sophie said...

ingen attack träning mot hammar idag ;P

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's not one of the more obvious jokes but it's still really low of him :P

Soffan: Nej ingen attackträning. Däremot fick jag två butts slagna på mig av Pekka och Jeffrey. Jag har BLÅMÄRKEN nu, fattar du?!