So, I ended up going to Cambridge on the same flight as Inna. We kept eachother company the whole time, and I visited her room after each thing, be it interview or test, to complain. It was very sweet of her to laugh with me and listen, I'm sure I was a total bore.

The test was actually easy compared to the interview. It was to write a comparison between two poems - "At Castle Boterel" and "Silence, and stealth of days". They were both about losing a loved one. Basically, death and the handling of grief. Yay. I didn't get down all my points but managed to somehow structure it and made a neat introduction and conclusion. My main part was extremely messy, as I was panicking.

Then, the damned interview. It was at nine o'clock in the morning, and I got there 20 mins early. Five minutes to the teacher comes out and gives me a poem ("At Arundel Tomb" I believe it was) which I look through shortly before going in the room, where there's a female teacher, too.
I get in there, stammer and mispronounce the poem out loud to them and then start out saying "Obviously, the theme is bla-bla-bla", which turns out to be the EXACT OPPOSITE of what it is. Then, he asks me questions about how time is portrayed. And I just sit there and have NO CLUE. There are a lot of stupid silences and they have to give me five hints before I say anything about anything at all. It's awful.

Looking back I guess we made some progress but I dread to think how I compare to the other, sharper, more intelligent people. My heartbeat was racing before the interview, and my hands were shaking when I got out. I looked exasperatedly at the next candidate/applicant waiting outside, spread my arms and gasped "I don't even know what advice I can give you" and practically ran away.

And also, I am going over the same mad cow disease symptoms all over again. This time it's the tallest story yet. But with all the trimmings I usually like. (Does that make sense? It's not supposed to, unless you're me or Anna or something, I just had to get it down in typing.)

Muahaha, misuse and abuse of parenthesis.


Flaky said...

Hmm dont know I have a feeling it could have gone better than you thought. Did Yi not apply to Cambridge too?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she did, but her interview's on the 8th.