Worm in Milly Way.

I don't understand all this hype to "succeed" anymore. The conventional success is to have a well-paid, stimulating, important job. To have a wonderful spouse and adorable children. What the fuck? Who cares whether you have an important job? It's only important in the narrow-minded society of this Earth we live on. And OK, I can partially buy it when people say that scientists are important to us - they can perhaps go outside this tiny existence and find bigger things, help mankind make sense of why we are here etc. But to me it seems that everyone else is insignificant, as their "significance" is only recognized in this teeny-tiny shard of space and time.
Hell, perhaps scientists will somehow prevent the world from ending. Good for them. But until that I don't believe that anything that happens here on this Earth is crucial to anything, as it will all inevitably disappear.
Even if they do manage to postpone or eliminate Doomsday, we remain miniscule.

So if you know in your heart that you are average, or that you won't make a huge difference to the Earth's future, why bother? Just settle. Get by.

Be content with doing things you would like to do - this particular life will sure as hell never be repeated (providing Nietzsche's eternal return is the static kind, where you can't change events).

I want to expel myself from society.


Charley Raneklint said...

You're expelled.

And that was so Charley.

Anna said...

You do it if it's significant to you. If you want to settle, then settle. I actually thought you WANTED to go to Cambridge. You studying English isn't what your parents want, it's what they settled for. If it was up to them you would be studying Mathematics or Physics.