I'm by myself now, and enough time has passed for me to begin to learn to enjoy this freedom. I no longer have to justify everything I do to someone else. I no longer have to have craziness categorised as sickness, I no longer have to stand incredulity as the standard reaction to silly quirks. I no longer have boundaries (unknowingly?) imposed by another. So, this poses the question - is there now any mechanism by which to keep myself in check?

Let me see... No. And my track record when alone doesn't look too promising, either. Destructive could have been my middle name, if that hadn't sounded so damn done.

Ah, I now have to learn to do things solely for my own good. And to be able to be good to yourself, you must have enough self-worth to think you deserve it. I must find this self-worth somewhere, find it and stop sabotaging my own attempts at success, stop wallowing in self-created mess. Just keep your head clear, dear, and demon-free. How difficult could that possibly be?

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