Rekindle the writing.

Now more than ever, my old, romanticised desire to write a book has come bubbling up. I feel I need some practice to get me going, and freshening up this blog with more frequent posts seems like a good way to run the ol' writing through its paces.

It might also be a good idea to stop being so absurdly abstract in everything I write. That's a common problem with me; having a hard time letting actual reality into the inner realm of detached thoughts. For instance, my political views are still completely impossible to put into practice, but I still have them because I'm too uneducated in politics to be able to take real life into consideration when forming my opinion.

In retrospect, that's completely idiotic. I do everything to stand by and protect some beautiful idolised theory, and don't want it to be touched by the outer world. That is one of the fallacies of the lesser academic or scientist - not allowing the model of the world to come in contact with the outer world, and protecting it all too stubbornly and defensively. Seeing their thesis as too good for everyday trials.

But really, what is any model or theory worth if it's not applicable to anything? How foolish all of this seems.

I must make the effort to connect the abstract with the concrete, and project the concrete onto my abstract instead of vice versa. We all must.

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