Somehow, you end up in a place you've been before and long forgotten.

You're looking at something and you don't see much at all. The process of disconnection begins, and because it's so familiar you recognise it. Inexorably, you empty and unfocus.

All sense of sense smoothly slips away. Indeed, you know where you are! - but it's been so long that you no longer can identify what happens when you give in.

Giving in means not wanting to deal with it and postponing it. Which is interesting, of course.

And I've stopped making sense since I stopped seeing sense. The process began two days ago and it's bearing fruit.

I recognise bits and pieces of my former self, but that doesn't help. The big picture is as always elusive and probably too monumental to handle. The weakness is imminent; the Cure temporary.

Reality is here, now.

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