I rant - you find the point.

I'm so sick of this, it's so obvious, it's all over the place, but I have to say it.

The men win!

The new millenium has brought strong, career-driven, independent, confident women. This in turn means that men are not obliged to carry bags, not obliged to bother about having children, not obliged to pay her things, and not obliged to swamp her with reassurances. Because women are FINE ON THEIR OWN.

To quote a person on a forum: Jesus chairfuck.

Women are never going to be independent and even less so confident. They need men to be confident. They need men to use their bodies to make them feel appreciated. These wonderful women of our time, they believe that they are so in control of their affairs and so above the men who they can play around with like little Kens in their Barbieworld.

Listen to me.

In the end, he takes you. He uses you. Ultimately, you are giving yourself to him and not vice versa. It is the final submission; you let yourself be taken over.

Do not underestimate the symbolism.

So instead of proclaiming that you are SELF-SUFFICIENT, perhaps you should think about utilising the subservience to your gain. Stop fighting that whooshing feeling he gives you when you kiss, and stop keeping a straight face when he sweeps you away. Let go your rigid self-image of unnatural power because it will be crushed in the end nonetheless. This I guarantee.

"Playing around" on your own terms is analogous to the prostitute who sets her own price. Now, I doubt either of you feel very satisfied, but I think she has the best deal.

Until women start living like women, I will congratulate the men and join them in making derogatory remarks towards the lesser sex. I, of course, am not included in their numbers. I am God.

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Amani said...

You are my god!