Men who know how to play

So, you barely exist.

Highly sarcastic, apparently completely lacking in even a periferal interest in you, they rarely drop you a glance and instead talk to your company. You feel neglected and try to to catch their eye a little, but after a while grow bitter - how unenthusiastic they seem about your acquaintance!

Instead, observe them while they converse, to try and see who they are. Challenge them a little in the discussions; how do they react? Generally, they tend to be quite skeptical to your utterings and look like they would poke a lot of fun at you, had it not been very rude.

And then. Suddenly you notice that you seem to be getting to them. You see a subtle tipping of the scales, a shift in the shade of his attitude towards you. You glimpse a smile at something you said, and feel enormous relief that you're not a stupid fat cow after all. This increases to some eye contact, some comments directed to you, and soon escalates to normal, pleasant behaviour.

Because this is such a contrast from the earlier indifference, you shine up and in some sick way, give yourself credit for melting his icy attitude. You're on a high.

This continues, and you're enraptured. You're smitten and falling, you're caught up, caught in. You think you got him, you think he was charmed by you, you see it as a confidence boost.

Come on. Sweetie. In reality, he doesn't even have to try. You're playing right into his hands, and he doesn't even have to work for it, doesn't even have to positively discriminate you.

Really, my dear, you just charmed yourself.


din patient.. said...

Vad fint du skriver.. Du briljerar ju. Är det kanske detta som är din hemmabana. Jag som trodde det var C-hallen. Du har inte funderat på att bli journalist?

Anonymous said...

Tack! Nja, journalist vettefan. Men något ska jag skriva - någon utdelning ska man väl få utav sin talang! Banne mig.

Christian said...

Du är inte händelsevis kompis med Neil Strauss? ;)

Anonymous said...

Men pleh, vad rolig du är ;)

Jag antar helt enkelt att mina och Neil Strauss slutledningsprocesser går parallelt eller överlappar någonstans. Hans verk bekräftar och styrker mina personliga observationer.