You're all so plain. You're all so, so flat. If - against all odds - there is nothing wrong with your faces, you end up looking static and empty. You don't know how to use that flawless face; I see no vigour, I see no passion, no life in your boring complexion.

I want to see joy, energy, dynamics; expressions flitting at supersonic speeds. And unimaginable amounts of combinations of your different features should light up and just radiate.

I want no pretentious looks, no false pouting. I want carefree, impeccable mirroring of the soul, with complete abandon. In a way, you should be reminiscent of a child.

Show me that perfect face, show me that person. I would not need more in life than to observe.

Until jealousy set in, of course. Then I'd just want to kill.


John C. Holmes said...

Wouldn't it be enough to just...spread?

Anonymous said...

How vulgar of you.

No thank you.