What you take won't kill you, but careful what you're giving.

Give and take, give and take. Find a balance and keep it steady.

You told me yesterday that I should try to analyse myself before I went on and forced onto people my interpretations and analyses of their actions.

But then, you see, people will become boring.

If I don't find it interesting to pick you apart and look at what's going on within you, I will just ignore you. You must first fascinate me, and then be somewhat responsive to my initiating blatherings. And then I go on to try and pry open your insides to get some clarity and self-satisfaction.

One fun thing is, some people will just agree with whatever conclusions I come up with. They are just flattered and intrigued that I can be bothered to attend to their problems even a little bit. It's good; it gives me even more confidence.

But see: if I didn't find a challenge in getting a deeper and deeper knowledge of the people I'm interested in, I just wouldn't interact with anyone. I'd sit and fascinate me, with me. But then I'd become boring, to you.

I'm a supremely selective soul-searcher. Wink wink.

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