Dig a hole and jump right in

I've noticed that as soon as I start searching for photos of guys on the internet, the whole thing goes to hell. Without fail. (oh, haha)

I have to stop it. I have too many folders titled with those guys' respective code names or just things like "ZOMG" containing mounds of more or less flattering photos of the boys in question.

Make it stop!

Or, just please, make an "exception to prove the rule". Just this once. Hot damn, I really want that boy in that new folder.

It's called "GeMigPunktNu", yes.


Oxymoron said...

The friend of my friend is my friend?

Anonymous said...

Usually, yeees...?

Anonymous said...

Or wait. If this is the [oxy]moron I think it is, and you're being specific, then no.

When are you going to stop confusing me?

Volatile said...

Conclusion: friendship is not transitive.