We have started our mission to find the best latte in town.

Bear in mind that the best latte does not only include the best latte. Our concept of "best latte" includes the café itself, the staff, the location, the bathrooms, the chairs, the atmosphere, the customers, the cutlery etc.

One great criteria for a good latte is, for us, the amount of fluffed milk on the top. We used to have a favourite café for everything, but since we've gotten into lattes, the quality has been somewhat unstable, with 2 cms of fluff one day and less than 1 on another. This is intolerable. Such fluctuating standards will not be accepted.

So, the café we tried today was called "Café Cava". It is not in the centre or Gothenburg, but quite near to two big public transport junctions. The amount of people walking by is just right, and the cars are a fair distance away, so traffic does not bother you.

Inside, the lighting is flattering, being a little dark and very cosy. The furnishing is great and the place is clean and tidy. We sat outdoors, and although the chairs were a little deep, this was compensated for by the existence of pleasantly-textured blue blankets.

The clientele was sophisticated but not stuck-up; i.e. ideal. The staff were good-humoured and quick. The ashtrays were pretty and plentiful. The only complaint we had about the bathroom was that the tap was a little jerky; it did not adjust water pressure smoothly enough. Also, they did not have a spare roll of toilet paper at hand. The spoons were rather original; like the usual latte spoons, they were long and slim, but the actual scooping part was round. This set them apart from the common spoons and brightened the occasion a little more.

So then, to the actual drink. There was too little fluff. Only about a centimetre. And it was too dark, tasted of too much coffee. Coffee is nice, but we expect the fluff to be more milk-fluff than coffee-fluff. The texture was great however; very thick.

The liquid itself was perhaps a little on the strong side, but nevertheless likeable. It had a distinct unexpected watery aftertaste. We pondered this for a while, and decided that it was good because a) it was unique to this café and b) it served to stave off the thirstiness that otherwise tends to accompany coffee-drinking. The price was less than at our usual café, which gladdened us.

All in all, a good experience, but we are set on finding the perfect latte. This is a nice place to stop by, but going out of your way for their lattes is unfortunately not an option.

P.S. Yes, I do hate myself a little for having become a latte-person.


jebbe said...

Hur kunde du sjunka så lågt som till en latte-nivå? Och med påståenden som att en latte kan smaka för starkt blir man ju mörkrädd! Skäms! =)

Anonymous said...

jebbe - Allting är relativt, och styrkan jag syftar på avser enbart lattesmakstyrka. Alltså är den för stark för att vara en bra latte. Men om man jämför med samma mått som vanligt kaffe blir det ju alldeles, alldeles för svagt ^^