A dream

I had a dream yesterday night, and it was strange.

I was in some sort of forest, and I walked out into a more or less open space and saw three tennis courts. On them were a few guys, practising. I noticed that one of them was really good-looking, and just walked around there a bit to look at him.

The next day - after dyeing my hair - I came back, and this time they were finishing their training. So I went up to the cute guy and started flirting with him. I acted all confident and happy, like I always do. He mentioned that my hair had looked better on the previous day, and I said "Really? ... But I'm still a 10, right?" and cheekily looked at him. He agreed (and I realised that this was purely because of my own confidence).

The next thing I know, he has turned into Leonardo DiCaprio (who I don't even remotely like) and we're trying to sneak our way onto a train with only one ticket. It works, and when I get into the train I suddenly end up with a small Asian baby in my arms. It is clothed in towels or sheets, but in a minute of two it starts to stink.

I comprehend - through a stroke of genius - what is happening, and wonder how I am going to get through the crowded train to the bathrooms. Then I realise! I am going to use the disadvantage of the situation to my advantage. So I barge through the train with the screaming baby held out in front of me and a menacing, determined look on my face. The crowd cringes and parts. I feel victorious.

When I finally do get to the bathrooms, there's a mile-long queue. Among the huge amount of people I see Pekka, Bugsy and Ruben, and they all look like they need to go. There are three different bathroom doors, but apparently they connect inside in some perverted way so that there's only one line to get into them (because you end up in the same place anyway).

This time I grow creative. Instead of looking menacing, I just happily swing the crying baby from side to side, propelling the stench over all of the waiting people. They look like they're going to be sick and hurriedly back off. I start laughing.

Then I wake up.


C said...

Vad söt du är =D
Det är klart du fortfarande är en 10:a *puss på hälsenan*

Xovelono said...

I had a dream, that one day on the red hills of Geor...

esoterisk said...

Varför är jag alltid den skitnödige snubben??

Någon behöver hjälp och någon drar upp Luther King... Kul post iaf :)

Flaky said...

ur grammer wasnt very good honey lol...funny dream, have you wondered what it means?

Anonymous said...

What exactly is wrong with my "grammer"?

And yes, I have thought about what it means but I haven't really come up with anything. Perhaps the little Asian baby was Anna.

sophie said...

asså...det är bra att du lämnar ut sådan här information, inför helgen i uppsala...tvek om man vågar sova i en säng med dig :S ;)