"I can do what she can do, so much better"

Too slutty for you!

It's disconcerting when people are on different levels... Or how do I put this - in different stages of moral development. Because morals do develop with experience. I hope you'll realise that things can be taken as they are, in the moment, without having to think forward or back. They don't have to be serious: fun and simple things exist. When it's between two people, the consequences are what you make them.

I become so aggressive when we go out. I want to pick fights with anyone who does something annoying. And believe me, being out at a place that's packed with half-drunk half-brats, that's not too difficult. What for? Just to prove that I am better than a half-drunk, half-brat? To assert myself? How neanderthal of me.

Yesterday was great fun. I haven't danced so much, so hard, in ages! And kicking some Ullevi ass didn't make the day any worse. Just that my body is in pain right now, from the two tennis matches, gym and dancing in high heels.

Girls, we need to repeat that. Preferably sometime when I'm not near-broke like now, dammit. Think I'll be able to find a sluttier outfit? ;)

(The photo is of me and Alexander from; we used to go to IB together and he's sort of nerdy, so I dragged him out for his first time clubbing. I think he has every right to be happy with the evening)

A dialogue right after we left Wish, talking about Biffen who was still in there:
Anna: "Asså han är ju snygg som FITTAN ju!"
Marina: "Jaa, fittor har en tendens att generellt vara väldigt snygga"


Flaky said...

cute! glad ur having fun!

Anonymous said...

You'll be better soon, and having fun as well.

esoterisk said...

Sveriges nattliv. Nej nu gör vi som riktiga människor. Lasta 740'n med flak och ut till skogen, skjuta älg och softa till Eddie Meduza hits.

Anonymous said...

Vi hade roligt! Fan.

Jag tycker att din idé av att ha kul är absurd. Skog har alldeles för dålig ljussättning för att jag ska känna mig snygg. Blä på dig.