Last night.

So, yesterday's evening included:

- 4 rejections

- 1 valuable item of mine confiscated (YOU BASTARDS!)

- Money hidden in vanilla sauce

- Threats to call the police

- A dude whose hair looked like a) he'd been in a lab explosion, b) he'd been to Universeum and gotten stuck or c) he was still back in the '90's boyband era.

- Very cheap shoes ^^

- Linda learning to walk in those shoes, and - obviously - almost cracking her ankle

- 1 person not believing my English accent (YOU BASTARD!)

- Fitting in my bloody jeans for once, and managing to do something great with some make-up

- 1 conversation on the way home with a more or less sensible/desirable guy who happens to live right by me

I guess that's it. Questions about what was confiscated and who the police was to be called on should be directed to someone who can be bothered to answer them.

And I don't understand why Linda keeps being so embarrassed when I talk loudly about stuff in public! It's a free country! I can talk about sex and tits and asses and flourescent dildos sticking out of foreheads if I so want to! Relax!


esoterisk said...

Torra och pryda människor uppskattar inte sådana skapelser som oss. Du måste kunna inhalera dett afaktum för att kunna gå vidare.

Xovelono said...

What was confiscated?

Anonymous said...

esoterisk - Mmm, inhalera.

xovelono - 1) who the fuck are you and 2) take it over MSN, helgon, efterfesten, BS or something else ^^

Linda said...

hahaha.. HAHAHA. vaniljsås, HAHAHA. killen me håret, HAHAHAHHAH!

Anonymous said...

Have a nice day...

Anonymous said...

Linda - Jadu, de där incidenterna kommer att bli två sköna klassiker så småningom :P

anonymous - Yeah, you too.