It doesn't break even.

"Это любовь, что без денег делает тебя богатым
Это любовь, о которой в книжках ты читал когда-то", search "Galkin", second page, first video. If you happen to know Russian and have three minutes to spare... The song genuinely moves me, and it's Russian "schlager" the title of which translates to "This is love". What are the odds?


"Marina seriously misread the poem ... we were disappointed with her written work."

I was certain I was good at that. Now it seems all I ever could do was play tennis, and that was before. ...I don't really need an identity anyway. Let's leave it there.


A second drags by
Two minutes zoom past
A day oozes
Two weeks race
A month slithers
A year vanishes

You can't control time or space
That's why you're useless
You silly, egoistic, and naïvely, fantastically overrated:


I'm not happy today. My highs do not compensate for my lows. Infatuations mutate into depressions too fast: I feel everything good at once, but the unpleasant things drag on.
But not only that, you know. Other stuff. Stuff stuff.


With no audience - present, future or past - people do not act abnormally.


sophie said...

asså...skriv inte saker på ryska :D hahaha HUR FAN SKULLE JAG KUNNA FÖRSTÅ DET DÅ :D hahaa

Anonymous said...

Haha, Sophie, emot alla odds så är inte den här bloggen skriven enbart för dig :P Jag känner lite rysk maffia och de kan läsa det där :P

Men nä, det är bara refrängen från låten. Jag vill inte översätta det till svenska, då blir det bara fruktansvärt fult ><