So, I meet Jonatan in town and we walk to Tintin and eat. Then we walk from Tintin to Gustav Adolfs Torg and sit on the statue steps, listen to music and talk. And then! Then we go inside Central Station and see a bench on a pedestal, with a fence around it, white blankets for snow, a Santa Claus and a Christmas tree. We sit on the bench and come up with the marvellous idea of being models.

So, we sit completely still and stare with our legs crossed. SO MANY people thought we were actual mannequins! When we were talking and laughing people noticed us, but when we sat frozen they assumed we were part of the decorations. And some people would stop, look and then keep on moving. Some would come up sort of close and walk away. Yet others would come up very close... We could hear them mumbling and trying to figure out whether we were dolls or people. It was one of the coolest things I've done, and both me and Jonatan thought it was awesome and got all into it :D

Anyhow. I think it's because our faces are more or less aesthetically "correct", and our bodies have good proportions. Later on I took out my CDs and we each held one (Therapy? and Stone Sour - good music), and still later I pulled down my top a bit for more cleavage. It was FUN.

So, we've decided that between Christmas and the New Year's ("mellandagarna") we will do the same thing but take it one step further. I'm going to be wearing matching underwear and bra, my black ankle boot-thingies and perhaps a scarf, and Jonatan is going to wear underwear and a hat. And we will stand there! :D Oh, it's going to be so great.

For exact date and time of our "show" - check my blog in a few days.

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