I want bananas.

There can never be a balance between anything.

For example. There is always a difference in security. "That's my thing, you can't take it". And as soon as you show any sign of adopting that quality, the person gets out their claws and retaliates, defending their identity because they don't know that it can't be taken away.

The secure people are happy when others adapt to them. But then the ones who are adapting are the insecure ones, and you have an imbalance again.

First they joke about it, and then the jokes get meaner, and then they're not jokes at all. They're wallowings; the person revels and mocks you. And then it poisons everything, not just that particular aspect where there was friction. You don't expect it from them... So when you realise - too late - that your relationship is getting fucked, you don't know where to start because everything in it is screwed. Everything is an irritant and blisters pop.


Anna said...

What's your gmail? I want to send you pictures from this summer...

Anonymous said...

My gmail is the same as my normal one.. Or at least that's what I use to log in to Google :S